The next best thing to asking your doctor.

Get K+ for instant access to more than 500 doctor-approved pregnancy answers, tips, and tools, written and developed by 45 medical experts.

Get evidence-based health and lifestyle information when you need it most. Take your pregnancy health and wellbeing to the next level with K+.

Trusted by healthcare providers reaching more than 40 million people.

What can I do with K+?

Medical Questions

Find answers to frequently asked pregnancy questions from medical professionals.

Prenatal Checkups

Plan your prenatal appointments based on country-specific guidelines.

Health Tracker

Monitor your weight, mood, and pregnancy health in one convenient place.

Report Insights

Understand your prenatal test results and get relevant insights.

About Medicus AI

Medicus AI is an innovative technology company that helps people understand their health by explaining their medical reports and health data to them in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way.

Through its consumer apps and enterprise software, Medicus is focused on bringing meaning to data, by helping patients and users understand their health, and augmenting the roles of doctors, midwives, and other healthcare providers through innovative data visualization, patient communication, and remote monitoring tools.

The Medicus platform powers several products, such as CoVive for COVID-19 support, and K+ for pregnancy, as well as enterprise software for diagnostic labs and healthcare providers, including but not limited to Lingua, Smart Reports, Smart Assist, Wellbeing Score, and Stork.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Medicus AI’s distributed team includes almost 140 doctors, developers, and business professionals across offices in Europe, the Middle East, and most recently, China.

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